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The 6 biggest trends in #Fintech today -

The 6 biggest trends in #Fintech today – Chris Skinner’s blog.

Data is having a tremendous impact on customer experience, and through enhanced insight is boosting customer profitability in the financial sector. Take a brief glimpse at six trends in which fintech innovation is steering imaginative and profound approaches to rich customer experiences for financial consumers.

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Best of Both Worlds: The Composite Lending Business Model

By Sergey Vasin on 22nd February 2016

Alternative lending has become an important part of the financial landscape. Two major lending business models in this industry are marketplace and balance sheet lending, which differ mainly in the distribution of risk and the amount of return. Composite lending bridges those models and brings the benefits of marketplace lending to balance sheet loan originators.

In the world of alternative lending, two prominent lending business models are marketplace lending and balance sheet lending.

Marketplace lending for lower risk

In the marketplace lending model, lending companies sell loan portfolios to third party investors in exchange for collection of […] Read more

The next wave of innovation in business finance

The reluctance of banks to lend to businesses has kick-started massive innovation in business finance.  This week peer-to-peer (P2P) lender Zopa passed the £1bn lending mark and is expecting to do the next billion by the end of 2016. Peer-to-peer lenders have captured the public imagination by offering an alternative to banks.

Yet, focusing on P2P misses a huge part of the story of how funding in Britain is changing. P2P lenders innovated on the funding side by sourcing liquidity from individuals rather than institutions. That was helpful during the banking crisis when funding was scarce. Today we are facing fundamentally […] Read more

China Rapid Finance Makes 800,000 Loans in 2 Months

China Rapid Finance Makes 800,000 Loans in 2 Months

In the two months since it launched its mobile lending platform China Rapid Finance has made over 800,000 loans to Chinese borrowers.

In February China Rapid Finance launched a new mobile-based pre-approved borrower acquisition campaign for loans up to 500 RMB (US$80) and wrote 300,000 loans in the first month.

Zane Wang, PhD, Founder and CEO of China Rapid Finance, commented:

“Strong customer adoption of our online lending product has continued, recently putting us over the 800,000 loan mark. We believe that this represents the fastest growing and most efficient borrower acquisition program among all peer-to-peer lenders in China. This exponential growth demonstrates […] Read more