New investing and lending solutions

Peer to peer marketplaces

CrowdClub focuses on creating new investing and lending solutions. We base our creations on smart contracts and blockchain technology, expanding investor base globally to several crowds, and generating new asset classes and investment instruments.

About Us

Who we are

We are a specialists in building tailor-made online investment platforms; peer to peer lending, equity and debt marketplaces for sectors such as private company stock and debt, real estate and consumer and business loans.

Our Development team is the group of professionals responsible for designing and developing the technological solutions according to project requirements. They analyze product specifications to come up with ideas and the proper software design, to fully accomplish requirements.

We provide financial and operational consulting to help customers optimize their decisions as individuals or businesses. Our staff receives financial training to provide our customers the most effective advises. We succeed because our project managers, business analysts, developers and quality engineers are experts in designing solutions for the financial market.


Our Services

We create, launch and maintain your business

Product Development Services

Perform market research. Conduct focus groups, surveys, and usability tests. Document product requirements. Develop wireframes, prototypes and interaction designs.

Design Services

Web and graphic design. Branding and identity design. Develop marketing collateral.

Engineering Services

Software development to customize and enhance core platform. Third-party integrations (with, for example, an e-mail service provider, payment processor, authentication system, etc.) Perform system administration and maintenance. Technical support.

Operations Support Services

Host and administer your site. Define systems and processes for customer service. Develop management reports. Train staff.

Marketing Services

Conduct market research. Develop consumer acquisition plans. Design marketing collateral. Perform A/B testing to optimize conversion rates.

Blockchain Software Development

Implement cryptography-based technologies to store immutable data. We can help you choosing which of your processes are suitable for this technology.

Our Process

Tell us what’s in your country

We coordinate a meeting to know each other, hear about your plans, your goals, and your budget. As a result, you will have a service terms agreement and scope, with delivery dates for local project.

From the idea to the market

Our team provides integrated solutions of design and software development using your local regultations: the most affordable way to put the peer to peer marketplace on your market.

It's time to grow it.

We share our team of engineers to help you test and evolve the platform by adapting it to local users requirements. We monitorize the performance, so you make sure the product is efficient and reliable.

Take it to the next level

Turn the platform into a successful business. Once you feel ready, we help you build and train your own team with a coach in charge of it.

Our Process

Our Skills

Effective communication

CrowdClub follows an incremental, adaptive process for building technology according to partner needs. The documentation required at each stage is reviewed by specialists that interact with different teams.

World-class technology

While many companies desire to adapt to new technologies to gain different opportunities, investing in developing an idea might result an expensive and time-consuming activity, that not always fulfill the initial expectations. As the technology market develops rapidly, it is difficult to follow the latest innovations and solutions. We have the resources, expertise and desire to continuously adapt technological solutions, providing a real advantage to our partners.

Time zone

The time zone might become a serious issue when companies need to involve people working from different countries in the same project. Not only because of the technical difficulties that might occur, but also because teams need to re-organize their personal lives in order to accomplish certain schedules. CrowdClub established offices in United States, Argentina and Spain to take advantage of the time zone and be able to provide better communication and agile interaction.

Our Market

New and evolving market

Our team

Behind the scenes


Ric Biasotti

CEO / Co-Founder

Disruptive FinTech with twenty five year career building and leading successful new ventures throughout global business markets.


Diego Petitto

CLO / Co-Founder

Graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, with several postgraduate made regarding Financial, Banking Law and Capital Markets.


Alejandro Romay

CPO / Co-Founder

Senior executive with outstanding background in information technology, general management and operations, focused on develop new business concepts and services.


Ridial Bipero


FinTech entrepreneur focused on email campaign development, social media strategy and online reputation management, according to international standards and certifications

We power the future of financial services

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We power the future of financial services

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